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From food to shoes to cooking' up stews,
for a life well lived, these are a few of my favorite things...


Egglife Egg White Wraps are a major game changer.  I found these randomly one day at my local grocery store and gave them a try.  WOWZA!  They're like a tortilla, but like zero carbs.  I use them to make wraps, quesadillas, mini pizzas & even cut into triangles and baked as an alternative to tortilla chips!  They have tons of flavors (including a cinnamon flavor I use for desserts).  Trust me & try them - you'll thank me.  Click HERE for more info!


I don't go anywhere - ANYWHERE - without my Burt's Bees chapstick.  I love the slight tingle & burn of the original flavor (I don't mess with any of the others).

Screenshot 2023-10-28 at 8.37.54 AM.png

I don't go to the gym - it's just not for me.  Instead, I walk everywhere - especially in NYC.  Walks are my time to call friends, listen to podcasts or just think in silence (& maybe come up with new Rossipes!).  And these are my absolute FAVE shoes to walk in - Allbird's Tree Dasher 2.  They're unisex, lightweight, stretchy (so you can slip them on) & come in tons of colors.  

I use my Beautiful Air Fryer at least three times a week.  I roast veggies, make my fave dijon mustard salmon or just reheat leftovers.  Plus, I love how chic the design is.  And I'm not just saying this because it's made by my work wife Drew Barrymore.  Without a doubt, it's the best functioning and most gorgeous air fryer on the market.

Screenshot 2023-10-28 at 8.53.27 AM.png
Screenshot 2023-10-28 at 3.38.18 PM.png

The Always Pan 2.0 by Our Place is the pan I use most often.  It comes with an optional steaming basket & a wooden spatula that is custom made to stay in place when you're not using it.  They've thought of everything!

Every morning for nearly a decade, I've taken a Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C Gel Packet.  My friend Taya told me about them when I was sick with a cold one time, and since I've started taking them, I rarely - if ever - get a cold.  I'm not a scientist, but I think they totally work.

Screenshot 2023-10-28 at 3.46.56 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-10-28 at 3.59.31 PM.png

Is there anything better than a cesar salad?!?  Crisp romaine lettuce and thick shards of delicious parmesan cheese.  OMG, I'm drooling!  But I'm very picky when it comes to cesar dressings.  My absolute hands-down favorite also happens to be a better-for-us option!  It's a yogurt based caesar dressing from my friends at Bolthouse Farms.  They have tons of fab salad dressings, but their Cesar Salad Dressing is the best you'll find!

Normal granola has way too much sugar, so I usually avoid it.  Plus, I'm allergic to almonds.  So imagine my excitement when I found this sugar-free, nut-free granola!  Now I sprinkle this on top of my morning yogurt parfait with berries and OMG, delish!  Sometimes I find this at my local grocery store, but usually I just order mine on Amazon.  Click HERE.

Screenshot 2023-11-03 at 9.15.23 AM.png

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